Wishes, wants, and preferences


Image from http://www.clker.com/.

If you’re like most cichlid keepers, you regularly think about your next tank – what size, what stock, what hardware. You probably also often think about your “ideal” or “fantasy” tank. You know the tank I’m talking about, the one which is just out of your reach either because of your budget, available space, or both. 

I think about these things all of the time. As I point out on my About This Blog page, I’m partial to Rift Lake dwarf species for practical reasons – my source water and available space. But what if I could keep anything I wanted? That’s easy.

I would have a 250g Tanganyikan community tanks. Why you ask? A couple of reasons. Well, maybe more than two.

  1. Aggression – I find Tanganyikans (at least the dwarves) to be pretty tame as a whole. Most different species co-exist really well. There is still con-specific aggression, but that’s typical for the cichlidae family.
  2. Personality – The variety of personality expressed by Tang species (at least the ones I’ve kept – ~ 20) is amazing. 
  3. Water requirements – Many species are not overly particular with respect to water parameters.
  4. Tank occupation – A nice proportion of Tang species occupy all levels of the water column from shellie species on the bottom to Cyprichromis species in the upper level. 

What kind of tank is on your wish list?

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