Where on the lake is that Tanganyikan cichlid from?

Interactive map screenshot of the southern end of Lake Tanganyika. App by Gregor Bauer.

Trying to find the location of a particular cichlid on Lake Tanganyika? Following up on my previous post, I thought I would point you to a great resource (if you keep Tangs).

I mentioned in my Cichlid naming conventions post that many cichlid names are often followed by a word, e.g., Julidochromis transcriptus Bembe. In this example, Bembe is a location on Lake Tanganyika. But how do you know where that is on the lake?

Cichlid keeper Gregor Bauer has created a very nice interactive map of the lake. This map lists and shows numerous collection points on the lake. You should check it out if you’re curious about the location included with your Tanganyikan fish.

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