What’s that profile?

Where do you go when you’re looking for profile information about a particular species? Most people head online. That can be a slippery slope, however.

One of the best, most comprehensive online sites for cichlid information is the Cichlid-forum. It contains profiles of more than 1600 species. The profiles page provides a very nice search interface where you can enter what you already know about the cichlid you’re looking for. It also offers a variety of ways to search based on certain species characteristics (e.g., breeding type, temperament), if you’re looking for a new species to consider for your tank.

The search interface does lack a few useful search categories, such as substrate type, recommended tank size, and maximum species size. Recommended tank size can be subjective, but no more so than temperament and difficulty (how hard the species is to keep), two search parameters that are provided.

Though designed for a more knowledgeable cichlid keeper, there are enough search options for even the most novice cichlidophile to narrow down a list of potential species suitable for his or her tank(s).

Once you find the species that you’re looking for, a simple click on the link will provide you with a nice list of profile data. Don’t expect much narrative. The profiles are meant to be short and succinct. As an example, here is the profile for Altolamprologus calvus. This is about as much information as you should expect for any species in their database. If you’re looking for long text descriptions, you’ll need to search for articles on the species you’re interested in.

I posted once before about the Cichlid-forum, but that post was short and was meant to simply point out its online forum value. All in all, the site is a tremendous resource for any cichlid keeper, and I encourage you to sign up. It’s free!

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