What is my set-up? Pt. 1

While I occasionally post complete photos of my tanks, I don’t inundate my blog with them. In fact, it’s been months and at least 100 posts since I last did so (other than this recent post).  However, while I was doing my routine maintenance today, I thought many readers might like to know what my current set-up is. 

I currently have three show tanks and a fry tank operational. Beginning with this post and over the next few days, I’ll provide photos of the four tanks along with a description of their set-up. I’ll go from the largest to the smallest.


75g All-Glass with corner overflow aquarium set-up. Photo courtesy of the author.

My largest tank is a 75g All-Glass with a corner overflow (above). It is a Lake Tanganyika community tank. The substrate in this tank is 80% CaribSea sand (Moonlight) and 20% CaribSea gravel (Peace River). Below are the livestock and hardware lists.

  • Altolamprolgus calvus “black” x 3 adults (two males, 1 female)
  • Neolamprologus leleupi x 2 adults (unsexed)
  • Eretmodus cyanostictus x 1 adult (unsexed)
  • Lamprologus tretocephalus x 2 adults (1 male, 1 female)
  • Telmatochromis vittatus x 1 adult (unsexed)
  • Julidichromis marlieri x 3 adults (1 female, 2 males [I think])
  • Callochromis macrops x 1 adult (unsexed)
  • Telmatochromis sp. “temporalis shell” x 3 adults (2 males, 1 female), 1 sub-adult, many fry.
  • Gymnocorymbus ternetzi x 4 adults (Black skirt tetra)
  • Hyphessobrycon anisitsi x 5 adults (Buenos Aires tetra) – 2 regular, 3 albino
  • Two plecos (one unidentified, one bushy-nose)
  • Several Anubias nana (plants)

  • Lighting – 48″ Hagen GLO T5 HO
  • Heater – Hagen Fluval E300 
  • Filtration – 1 Eheim Ecco Pro 2236, 1 Sicce Eko 200
  • White egg crate styrene under substrate (cut to fit)
  • Marina plastic thermometer with suction cup
  • Rainbow Lifeguard digital thermometer
  • Cylindrical sponges on filter intakes
  • Various artificial plants
  • River rock
  • Texas Holey rock
  • Sandstone
  • Various shells

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