Update to New Fish Arrived post!

I said I would update the New Fish Arrived post from 1/13/16 with photos once I had time to take a few. Below are two of the better ones. One of the Electric Yellows is the top photo and the next photo is one of the Cherry Red Zebras. The Zebra appears more orange than red in the photo, which I would say it is. However, part of that is due to the LED lights I’m using on the aquarium. The three Zebras were a little larger (~1/4″) than the Labs when they arrived. The Zebras are more full-bodied too.

The Labs and the Zebras are easy to distinguish inside the tank from a distance, even though they appear similarly colored in these photos. I’ll get a photo of one of the demasonis soon. I couldn’t get any of them to cooperate during this first photo shoot.


Labidochromis caeruleus “Electric Yellow”. Photo courtesy of the author.


Metriaclima estherae “Cherry Red Zebra”. Photo courtesy of the author.

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