Update and new fish conundrum

The ‘Lamprologus’ caudopunctatus show square tank. Photo by the author.

I haven’t posted in a while about my tanks, my stock, etc. I have nine tanks, five of which are show tanks. The others, all 20g longs, are used for breeding, QT, and other such needs. The show tanks (2 x 75g, 30g, and 33g long) are all in the man cave, except for a 40g breeder I keep in my office. The 20s are all tucked away in my fishroom. 

At present, I’m completely overrun with Julidochromis dickfeldi. Since ordering five of these beautiful little lamprologines over a year ago, I’ve segregated them and had two pairings. I was lucky enough that, of the five I received, there was three females and two males. These came from Dave Schumacher at Dave’s Rare Aquarium Fish, who I highly recommend by the way. 

Anyhoo, I’ve made two or three trips already to my LFS to trade dickfeldi fry. The two adult pairs have been immensely prolific. I’m currently sitting on over 100 fry and juveniles spread across two tanks (one 20g and the 33g long). They need to go, so this week I’ll gather up 50-60 of the larger juveniles and make another LFS visit. 

In addition, I’ve got a half dozen Julidochromis regani ‘Burundi’ juveniles (in one 75g) and a half dozen adult ‘Lamprologus’ caudopunctatus (in the 30g) that need to go. Thankfully, neither of those species are causing stock issues – the regani are in a 75g community tank and the caudos are in a 30g species only tank.

One problem I currently have, however, is that I segregated a few of the earlier J. dickfeldi offspring to use as brood stock. Those fish, six total, occupy three tanks besides where my dickfeldi pairs reside. That makes five tanks containing dickfeldi – too many! I need to free up space for some new stock. I either need to consolidate the dickfeldi I have, or unload them. 

As for new stock, I’m not certain yet what species I want to get but I have a few ideas. I’m leaning toward a couple of shell dwellers. I have a lone male ‘Lamprologus’ signatus (in the 75g not housing the regani). I would like to get him a mate and get some fry. I also have a lone male ‘Lamprologus’ ocellatus (in the 33g long with the dickfeldi) who needs a mate. In addition, I’d like to get a couple of species that I don’t have, maybe some ‘Lamprologus’ speciosus and/or ‘Lamprologus’ kungweensis.

Okay, so there is a quick update on my tanks. 

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