Turn it the other way

Females of some cichlid species can be very judicious about where to deposit eggs. Their preference typically revolves around multiple variables – other tank occupants, decorations, amount of available cover – just to name a few. If you have a breeding pair of cave spawning cichlids, the orientation of the cave(s) may also be one of those variables.

A couple of caves with entrances facing front of tank. Photo by author.

A couple of caves with entrances facing away from front of tank. Photo by author.

I personally like to make sure cave openings are turned away from where they’re easily seen by me. In other words, I usually either totally conceal any caves I’m using or simply hide the entrance. If I can not see in the cave opening, the occupants can not see me. Whether or not this actually makes a particular cave a more attractive place for the female to lay eggs is debatable. However, I seem to have greater success when I apply this approach than when the cave openings are easily visible.

Though it may seem like common sense, sometimes details like this are overlooked. What you fail to take into consideration when you’re trying to breed a cave spawning cichlid, your cichlid pair may not.

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