The Julidochromis dickfeldi nurseries

At present, I have to two J. dickfeldi nurseries going – one in a 33g long and one in a 20g long. The 20g is species only. The 33g also contains a lone male ‘Lamprologus’ ocellatus. 

I haven’t done a head count, but I’m guessing each tank has probably 50+ juveniles and fry. As you can tell from the videos below, each tank contains multiple broods.  The 20g long has 6 or 7 (notice the very small fry on the left hugging the bottom in the 20g). The 33g, 4 or 5. Some of the offspring from the first and second brood in the 20g have already been taken to my LFS. I have not removed any offspring from the 33g yet. 

The 33g nursery.

The 20g long nursery.

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