The Cichlid Room Companion

The Cichlid Room Companion (CRC) logo. Image from the CRC website.

Whether you’re new to cichlids or a seasoned veteran keeping these wonderful fish, you can always learn something new. A really cool resource for learning about these fish is The Cichlid Room Companion (CRC). Chock full of species profiles and other great information, including authoritative articles, the CRC is a tremendous resource that everyone should take advantage of. Back in 2018, I did an interview with the man responsible for the CRC, Juan Miguel Artigas Azas.

I would encourage you to not only use the site, but bookmark it too. I have done interviews with several of the article authors, many of whom are hobbyists just like you. Some of the articles are only available to ACA members but many of them are free. To get full access to all of the CRC content, consider becoming an ACA member. The annual fee is very reasonable considering all the member benefits.

If you’re an experienced cichlid keeper and have something interesting to share, maybe a breeding strategy, an aggression mitigation strategy, or something else, consider submitting an article. You can contact Juan Miguel, the editor, by completing the CRC contact form. There are also other ways you can share your knowledge via the website. Just reach out to Juan Miguel. He’s a super nice guy. Tell him I sent you!

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