That was fast!

‘Lamprologus’ caudopunctatus fry. Photo by author.

A few days ago, I posted about the new ‘Lamprologus’ caudopunctatus tank I set up. I’ve only had the fish for about six weeks.

Tonight I went down to feed everyone and, in that tank, I see what looks like a little cloud of pepper floating near the sand. Fry!!!

I don’t recall seeing any mating displays or behavior, so this is quite a surprise. In fact, I hadn’t even attempted to sex the fish. There are five of them and, based on their sizes, I knew for certain one was a female, but I had no idea about the other four. Well, I know now there is at least another female in the tank because the one I knew was female was nowhere near those fry when I spotted them. In the photo above, if you look just above the fry, you’ll see one of the caudopunks. I’m guessing that’s mom. She certainly was very interested in my presence on the other side of the glass.


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