Telmatochromis naming error

For the sake of honesty, I’ve corrected an error. Back in March 2017, I posted about incorrectly naming my Telmatochromis temporalis, Telmatochromis sp. “temporalis shell”. Somewhere between that post and the next one about my Telmats, I completely forgot what I said. The result was that I continued posting about my “temporalis shell”.


So let me apologize for that error. I went back through every post since that March 2017 entry and changed “temporalis shell” to temporalis. So if you happened to read a post since 2017 and noticed what was once “temporalis shell” is now simply temporalis, that’s why. It was an honest mistake but one that I have corrected.

Part of my early confusion on the morph of the species was that the female in my breeding pair began her motherhood in a shell. She had other options, but the shell was her preference. Couple that with the fact that she was quite small when she had her first brood and you can understand how I concluded that I had “temporalis shell”. She now prefers a cave of some kind, not because she no longer fits into the shells she has had but because, well, she just does.

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