Tanks in the fish room

Fish room work tanks. Photo by author.

Yesterday during water changes, it occurred to me that I’ve talked about the tanks in my fishroom but I’m not sure that I’ve ever shown them. I am fortunate to have enough space in my home for a designated fish room. This isn’t where my show tanks reside, but where my “work” tanks reside. By “work” I mean the tanks where I keep fish under special circumstances e.g., sick or injured, segregation for breeding or aggression issues, or even quarantine for new fish.

In the photo above are the four tanks I maintain for these purposes. They are all 20g long tanks. Three of them have HOB filters, and one uses a small, external canister. Thankfully, all four tanks aren’t normally occupied with cichlids. I do keep dither fish (danios) in all four, but that’s only to keep them cycled. Since I don’t keep big cichlids (I’m the dwarf cichlid sort), I don’t have to worry about the danios getting eaten.

A blind N. cylindricus occupies the tank top left. Sadly, he will probably live out his days there. It isn’t ideal, but moving him to a tank with other cichlids will get him picked on and ultimately killed because he can’t get away quick enough nor defend himself. I think he’s gotten quite comfortable in the 20g tank and I’m certain he’s aware, via chemical cues, that there are no other cichlids in with him.

The stands are DIY, and you can read about them in previous posts. I can not begin to tell you the impact having these four tanks has on my fish keeping. Knowing that I ALWAYS have a tank ready to go for any problems reduces a lot of fish keeping stress. If you can find the space in your own home to have at least one or two small tanks running for emergencies and other problems, I would encourage you to do it.

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