Tank options declining

So I’ve been thinking about replacing one of my existing tanks. My 55g, which has been running continuously since 2000, is due to be replaced. Two of the larger aquarium brands, Aqueon and Marineland, offer a pretty comprehensive selection of tank configurations for retail. However, the industry is moving away from aquariums with oak color trim. Higher end and custom built glass tanks come in a wide array of wood grained trims, including oak and cherry, but most of the retail offerings are exclusively black trimmed.

Because I have a nice oak stand with the 55g footprint (48.3″ x 12.8″), I actually have several tank size options. Stock aquariums with the same footprint as the 55g include the 33g long and 40g long, so there are options. However, oak trimmed varieties are difficult to come by from my local aquarium store. I don’t want to put a black tank on an oak stand and the existing stand is too nice to paint. Fortunately, my local shop found a supplier that still had one 55g in oak remaining.

I bought it.

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