Ted Judy interview

When I got started in this hobby many years ago, I joined numerous online fish forums and message boards. I knew I would find there some highly experienced and very knowledgeable aquarists. In fact, I came to rely on advice from some of the administrators and moderators, the folks who both manage those sites and provide solid fish keeping information. Today’s interviewee was one of those moderators, and one that it didn’t take me long to recognize as quite knowledgeable.

Ted Judy has over 35 years of fish keeping experience. Though a ‘generalist’ in the hobby, he has a penchant for West African cichlids, especially dwarf species. As a prolific speaker at cichlid clubs and regular cichlid events, Ted is no stranger to cichlidophiles. In fact, he gave a talk on West African cichlids at this year’s ACA convention in Detroit, which was quite fascinating. I caught up with him right after his talk at the convention and invited him to give an interview. He accepted and, though his availability has been sparse for the past several months, we got it done!

Ted Judy

The Cichlid Stage: As a prolific speaker at various aquarium clubs and the ACA, what are some secrets for giving a good presentation?

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