Sick fish and eating

Several years ago I did a post titled “Behavioral signs of a ill cichlid“. In that post, I described several warning signs of a sick fish. A fish that isn’t eating is often a sign that something is wrong. However, there is another behavior associated with eating that you might be on the look-out for. How “active” is your fish when it eats? In other words, does it seek out the food that you provided (e.g., flakes, pellets) or does it only eat when food comes within proximity of its mouth.

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Tanks in the fish room

Fish room work tanks. Photo by author.

Yesterday during water changes, it occurred to me that I’ve talked about the tanks in my fishroom but I’m not sure that I’ve ever shown them. I am fortunate to have enough space in my home for a designated fish room. This isn’t where my show tanks reside, but where my “work” tanks reside. By “work” I mean the tanks where I keep fish under special circumstances e.g., sick or injured, segregation for breeding or aggression issues, or even quarantine for new fish.

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Behavioral signs of an ill cichlid

Image from

I’ve posted on the blog here several times about how much I hate to lose a fish. I don’t consider them pets like I do my dog, but I take my responsibility of keeping them seriously. When they get ill, I try my best to treat them if I know what’s wrong. All cichlid keepers will eventually experience sick fish. So how do you recognize the behavior of a cichlid that is ill?

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