A gregarious dwarf

Lamprologus ocellatus guarding shell. Photo by the author.

Because I have an affinity for dwarf cichlids, which includes shellies, I keep a fair number of the species. One of my favorites is Lamprologus ocellatus. In fact, I have them in three tanks. I have a breeding pair in a 20g long, what I think are a breeding pair in a 30g square, and a single male in one of the 75g Tang community tanks. This post is about the single male.

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An unfortunate discovery

Image from https://Dumielauxepices.net.

Though I never posted about it, I ordered some fish back in the summer of last year. In that shipment was six juvenile Julidochromis ornatus. I set up a new 75g tank that would become a Tanganyikan community tank. I put the new ornatus in that tank with plans for them to be an “anchor tenant.” Everything had been going beautifully with them and the other inhabitants (compressiceps, ocellatus, signatus, etc.)….until last night.

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