Lisa & Martin Hoeber interview

Super Cichlids logo. Image from Lisa Hoeber.

Just over two years ago, I interviewed Lisa Hoeber of Super Cichlids. At that time, Super Cichlids was an online-only retail store. Fast forward to this summer and that changed in a big way. Lisa and her co-owner husband, Martin, opened a physical store with the same name in their hometown of Dover, Delaware. Shortly before their opening, I e-mailed Lisa and Martin asking if they would be interested in doing another interview. Thankfully, they happily agreed.

If you’re in the Dover area or within a reasonable driving distance, I would encourage you to visit their store. I haven’t been myself, but I have seen numerous photos. The place looks amazing! I know Lisa and Martin, and they’re first class. If you visit, I would expect that you will experience the same unbridled friendliness that you’ve experienced interacting with them at their vendor booth during fish shows and conventions. Even if you can’t visit their physical store, certainly go to their website. They have great deals all of the time.

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Super Cichlids Interview



Martin and Lisa Hoeber

Where do you go when you need to purchase products for your aquarium? If you’re like many hobbyists, you frequent your local fish store or chain pet store. If you don’t have a store nearby, you probably purchase online. Though there are numerous online retailers for cichlid hobbyists, there aren’t many like Super Cichlids of Dover, Delaware. The business began with fish, specifically breeding and selling African cichlids, something they still do today. They have built a considerable online presence where they offer some of the best deals, especially with their large selection of premium cichlid foods.

If you attend cichlid conventions, shows, expos and other such events, then you have seen Super Cichlids. You can’t miss their booth in the vendor area. It’s always one of the largest and certainly liveliest booths you’ll visit. They don’t sell fish at their booth (yet), but they provide a huge selection of other products that will interest any cichlidophile. Don’t miss their raffles, by the way!

I met owners Lisa and Martin Hoeber a couple of years ago, and they are honestly two of the friendliest people you will ever meet. At this year’s ACA convention in Detroit, I asked them if they’d be interested in doing an interview for the blog. Thankfully, they didn’t hesitate to say yes, and Lisa graciously answered a few questions.

Let’s get going!

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