Breeding Julidochromis dickfeldi

One of my breeding pairs of Julidochromis dickfeldi. Photo by the author.

I have worked with this species for several years. In fact, I have three breeding pairs right now in three different tanks that spawn regularly. Because I have experience with almost all the Julidochromis species, I can also accurately state that dickfeldi are quite easy to breed, comparatively. So what do you need to successfully breed these wonderful fish?

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Jodi & Brantley Berry (Pleco Caves) interview

Brantley and Jodi Berry, owners of Pleco Caves. Photo by the Berry’s.

Several years while attending an annual ACA convention, I was walking through the vendor show room and spotted several tables covered with some really cool looking clay caves. I had been looking for something very specific for one of my tanks, so I walked over to the tables and saw a large sign that said Pleco Caves. I began talking to the young lady on the other side and explained that I was looking for something specific. I then asked her if they do custom work. She said, “Sure.” That was my introduction to Jodi and Brantley Berry, owners of Pleco Caves.

Based in Indiana, Pleco Caves is a regular vendor at many cichlid and fish conventions/shows. The number and diversity of clay products they make for aquariums is incredible. Not only do they make great stuff but they are fantastic to work with. They have made several custom items for me, which have always been produced exactly to my specifications. Don’t let their business name fool you. Their products work great for cichlids too! I can honestly say they have made my fish journey a better one. I reached out to Jodi and Brantley back in the spring and asked if they would be willing to do an interview for the blog. Thankfully, they didn’t hesitate. Let’s get started!

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OCA 25th Extravaganza

The previous post mentioned seeing Sam Scalz and Mo Devlin. Not long after I ran into those guys, I went by Jodi and Brantley Berry’s booth in the vendor room. The Berry’s are the proprietor’s of Pleco Caves. If you need some ceramic caves, you have to go to their website and see what they offer. I have posted more than once about their business, and they have made custom caves and tubes for me. They also have a Facebook page. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

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