New cichlid food

Aquavore Aquatic Nutrition logo. Image from the Aquavore website.

A couple of months ago, I was made aware of a new food brand, Aquavore Aquatic Nutrition. Produced mainly for Lake Tanganyika species, Aquavore produces flakes and pellets for both carnivores and herbivores (adult and fry). While primarily for cichlids, the company also produces a variety of pleco nuggets.

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Feeding shellie cichlid fry

‘Lamprologus’ caudopunctatus Kapamba “red fin” mother and fry (between the two bottom shells). Photo by author.

Feeding fry in any kind of tank can be a challenge. Whether a community tank, species only, or even a small segregation tank, getting food directly to the fry can take some effort. Such foods as baby brine shrimp, crushed flakes, and infusoria are great options. However, since these foods can be so tiny for fry intake, any little bit of water movement can quickly carry them away from the fry. As a result and like regular fish food, they can easily foul a tank if  enough is not eaten.  Unless you’re using a breeder box in which the fry are confined to a really small space and tank current is reduced, you need to get creative. Either that, or you need to simply power off the filtration.

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