Ask an expert!

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How many times have you had a specific question about your fish or fishkeeping, searched online for the answer, and got nothing but conflicting information in return? Or even worse, you join an online forum or a Facebook group, ask the question there, and World War III breaks out? It’s frustrating. So what do you do?

I might be able to help. I’m considering adding a component to the blog where I take questions from you, the reader, and get an expert on the subject of your question to answer it. I’ll reach out to the expert, post your question, and their answer. Sort of a “Ask the expert?” component. What do you think?

I have a pretty wide network of friends, acquaintances, experts, and such to draw from. I can’t imagine any question for which I wouldn’t know someone who could answer it…correctly….unless it’s maybe something specific to a piece of equipment, which the manufacturer would need to answer.

Drop me a note or comment directly below if this has any appeal to you. There are some logistics I would have to work out to make this work but I am willing to do so if there is sufficient interest.