Support your LFS!

Small business support appreciation sign. Image from

I just wanted to post about the importance of supporting your local small businesses, including your small, local fish stores (LFS). This is always true but even more so right now. The big box stores have the capital to survive reduced business during pandemics and other types of large scale economic slow downs. Your mom & pop businesses often survive month to month. Many of them are struggling right now and, in fact, many of them have already closed up for good. 

I’m not encouraging you to stop buying products online or from large retailers, but I am encouraging you to give some of the smaller shops your business. They depend on it to stay open and compete with the larger stores. I recognize that right now everyone is trying to save a little money, and shopping at the larger retailers often helps achieve that goal. However, if you can, please consider spending an extra couple of dollars and buy from your smaller shops. Losing these neighborhood jewels can be mitigated with a little help from everyone. 

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