Successful cichlid keeping doesn’t have to be expensive

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Elaborate filtration systems, complex plumbing, DIY mass air filtration, or popular, mass produced aquarium products. Whatever direction you go for your cichlid tanks, do what lies in your comfort zone. If you aren’t familiar with certain types of products, then use what you know, what you are comfortable with, and what you can afford.

Many hobbyists go for the latest/greatest or most expensive option. Other hobbyists do so just to look “better” or “smarter” to other hobbyists.

I can tell you from experience that elaborate and expensive set-ups won’t make you a more successful cichlid keeper. They might make your efforts more efficient and/or save you money in the long run, but they won’t make the water quality or fishes quality of life marginally better.

I’ve made this comparison before in posts. That $10,000 car will get you to work the same as that $100,000 luxury car. I’m not disparaging luxury car owners. I’m simply stating you don’t need a luxury car to accomplish you transportation goals.

You don’t have to have the best of everything to be successful in the hobby. Some of the most accomplished breeders I know use a common, commercial air pump, some air tubing, and $5 sponges to filter their off-the-shelf tanks. That’s all. I’m quite certain their fish are as healthy and thriving as those who’ve invested thousands of dollars.


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