Stripping mouthbrooders

This topic comes on the heels of a discussion I recently had about the morals and values of fish sellers. I won’t get into the genesis of that conversation, except to say that it made me think more broadly about my own opinions with respect to keeping and breeding fish.

Anyone who has bred African cichlids to raise fry for sell or trade has ultimately engaged in stripping females of fry or eggs. If you want to learn more about the practice, there are plenty of online articles and videos that describe/illustrate the practice. Though this article on stripping is quite dated, I think it does a nice job of discussing the practice from a broader view. Furthermore, it’s written by someone who’s qualified to discuss it – Pam Chin.

As for my own views, I’m not particularly fond of the practice unless there is some physical reason to do so to protect the female. I’m more of a purist when it comes to the hobby, which means I’m more inclined to let nature unfold as it may.

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