Some new fish

I visited my LFS yesterday and picked up some new fish, specifically the following:

  • 2 x Lamprologus ocellatus
  • 1 x Chalinochromis popelini
  • 1 x Neolamprologus cylindricus

I already have 4 x L. ocellatus from a different line. Of those, I’m only certain that there is one male in the group. The other three are still too small to accurately sex. The two I purchased today are even younger, so I have no idea what their sexes are. My plan is to have at least one breeding pair from the two lines. Time will tell.

The popelini and cylindricus are both young as well. I added them to a 75g Tang community tank that already has the following (all still very young, except for the Telmat and tetras):

  • 3 x Altolamprologus compressiceps Kasanga goldhead (unsexed)
  • 5 x Julidochromis ornatus (unsexed)
  • 1 x Lamprologus signatus (male)
  • 1 x Lamprologus ocellatus (male)
  • 1 x Telmatochromis temporalis (male)
  • 5 x Black skirt tetras (Gymnocorymbus ternetzi) as dithers

I mentioned above that I already had four L. ocellatus, which includes the one listed above in the community tank. The other three are in a 30g square tank, which they occupy alone.


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