Solid fish keeping tips for all fish hobbyists

Cover of August 2020 issue of Practical Fishkeeping. Image from

Because I want this blog to inform all levels of fish keepers, I purposely don’t focus the posts on any one level of fish keeping experience. This means I don’t specifically cater my content to experts nor to beginners. I try to provide a mix of content for everyone.

One thing that I haven’t done, however, is provide a solid list of general fishkeeping tips that apply to all experience levels.  Thankfully, I don’t have to come up with such a list on my own because the fine folks at Practical Fishkeeping have done that already. Titled 39 Top Tips for Fishkeepers, their list is pretty comprehensive and loaded with solid information.

I’m not a subscriber to the magazine so I can’t speak to the quality of its contents, but it’s a pretty popular serial in fish keeping circles. I did read the 39 Tips article, though. It’s good stuff for both beginners and seasoned hobbyists. The magazine is published in the UK, so expect content to reference the UK often.

If you want a comparable list of tips specifically for cichlids, check out Paul Butler’s list that I posted back in 2017.

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