Plants in the aquarium

Having had many fish tanks in the past with live plants, I have to say there is something magical about them. They help create an authentic aquarium biotope. A heavily planted aquarium full of a variety of beautiful fish is quite a spectacle. However, live plants have always presented problems for me.

Just like an aquarist needs to be committed to maintaining a healthy environment for his/her fish, the same can be said for maintaining a thriving planted tank. I guess my commitment hasn’t been strong enough because I can never keep plants alive for long periods of time. Except for a single anubias that I bought nearly a decade ago, which is still alive and growing, nothing else has survived longer than a few months. I suppose having a green thumb doesn’t apply exclusively to successfully growing terrestrial plants.  

In my opinion, heavily planted tanks like the one in the photo above are not easy, and I applaud those who maintain them. I’m convinced that there are too many components required to do this well – correct lighting, fertilizer, CO2, appropriate water parameters, etc. I’m also convinced every plant I’ve ever purchased came with an unseen bonus gift – snails. Trumpet snails are a nightmare. All things considered, I think I’ll stick with either no plants or a few artificial plants for color, decoration, shelter, etc. 

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