Online cichlid vendors

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Back in 2018, I posted about the online vendors that I’ve used. Since that time, I have added another. Dave’s Rare Aquarium Fish out of San Antonio, TX is a vendor you should consider adding to your list. Besides the fact that owner Dave Schumacher is just a nice guy, I can vouch for his fish. 

I did an interview with Dave back in 2019. Check it out to learn more about his business. He and I are working on a second interview now. 

My little community tank irritant

Adult female Telmatochromis temporalis. Photo by the author.
Adult female Telmatochromis temporalis. Photo by the author.

If you follow the blog, you’ve inevitably read about my experience with Telmatochromis temporalis. I still have my breeding pair. Though the female no longer produces any eggs, her and her mate are still mostly inseparable. At only about 2.75″, she’s much smaller than the male.  She’s very shy, and it’s really hard to catch her in a spot that I can get a good photo of her. I was partially successful in the top photo because I had just fed the tank, and she was looking for a morsel. The bottom photo actually provides a better view. Yes, she is jet black. Note her small nuchal hump. 

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Fish keeping myth #3 – not unplugging an HOB filter during water changes will burn up the motor

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Many hobbyists use hang-on-back (HOB) filters to filter their tanks. These are the filters that, as the name implies, sit on the top of the rear rim of the fish tank, typically (rather than the side or the front). They’re effective, relatively inexpensive, simple to set up, and easy to maintain. 

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Pam Chin interview (#3)

Many of you already know today’s interviewee, Pam Chin. She’s no stranger to the cichlid community. In fact, she’s probably already forgotten more about cichlids than many of us will ever know.

Pam Chin on the dive boat, Lake Tanganyika.

Among her many accolades, which you can read about in the two previous interviews I’ve done with her (see the Interviews section of the blog or enter “Pam Chin” in the search box above), you can add the distinction of being the only person to have now done three interviews with The Cichlid Stage.  

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SA dwarf cichlid new in the hobby

Photo of Aequidens paloemeuensis. Image from

Have you heard about Aequidens paloemeuensis, the beautiful SA dwarf species endemic to a tributary in Suriname in South America? Though not actually new (it was described in 1989), it has not been a regular fish in the hobby. That may soon change. Oliver Lucanus has acquired a few specimens and hopes to breed them in the very near future. 

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Breeding Julidochromis dickfeldi

One of my breeding pairs of Julidochromis dickfeldi. Photo by the author.

I have worked with this species for several years. In fact, I have three breeding pairs right now in three different tanks that spawn regularly. Because I have experience with almost all the Julidochromis species, I can also accurately state that dickfeldi are quite easy to breed, comparatively. So what do you need to successfully breed these wonderful fish?

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Another argument for dwarf cichlids

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If you’ve viewed the FAQ page on the blog, you know why I choose to keep dwarf cichlids, specifically Africans. One reason that I haven’t listed has to do with ethics. Yes, there is a fair argument that keeping any animal, domesticated or undomesticated, is unethical.

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