Out of sight, easy access

As your collection and variety of commercial fish foods increases, so does the space required to store them. If you’re like me and favor organization over clutter, there are plenty of low cost options to address the storage of your growing supply of flakes, pellets, cubes, etc.  

My show tanks all sit on wooden cabinet stands with storage underneath. Each of the stands has doors to conceal under-cabinet filters, supplies, and such. For the longest time, I would put my flake and pellet containers on top of the tank but that soon began to look cluttered and disorganized. It also became a greater hassle when I had to remove 15 containers before I could remove the glass canopies. 

My solution to this was to pick up a few Rubbermaid wire baskets. These are very inexpensive (< $4 each) and easy to install (each one requires two small wood screws). At roughly 4″ x 11′ x 4″, they’re also the perfect size for the regular size food jars and bags. See photos below. 

I picked my baskets up at Lowe’s or Home Depot a few years ago. Menard’s also has them by a different manufacturer, and they can probably be found other places as well. 


Wire storage basket, front view. Photo courtesy of the author.


Wire storage basket, top view. Photo courtesy of the author.


Wire storage basket, installed inside cabinet door. Photo courtesy of the author.

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