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Interested in ordering cichlids online? I have posted a couple of times about online purchasing – a post about what to consider when doing so and issues with ordering online. I’ve even posted about some of the online sources I’ve used in the past. While I encourage you to patronize your local fish stores (LFS), they may not always have the most comprehensive selection or the best price. Give them your business but also know there are other options.

Below I’ve compiled a list of online cichlid retailers that I know of or that have reached out to me. While the list isn’t exhaustive, it’s pretty comprehensive. Unless otherwise noted, these are all based in the United States. Cichlid species from Africa, Central America, South America, etc. can be found within various stock lists of these retailers.

A note of disclaimer: Other than the online retailers who I have ordered from in the past (see link to post in the first paragraph above), I can’t speak to the quality of the fish, the selection, or the purchasing and shipping experience of any of the sites listed below. Thus I’m not advocating any of them unless I’ve done so before. I’m providing this list to save you some time scouring the Web. Also, I only spot-checked some of these to see if their online process worked, so proceed at your own discretion and risk. UPDATE: Add Dave Schumacher to those I’ve ordered fish from.

If I’m missing a site that should be included below, drop me a note and I’ll update the list. Each of these sites was accessible as of the original post, 1/28/19, or as of the date added.

Angels Plus –
Angry Fish Sales – – Added 4/24/20
Aqua Huna – – Added 4/24/20
Aqua Imports – – Added 04/19/20
Aquarium Fish Depot – – Added 11/6/19
Aquarium Fish Sale –
Aquatic Clarity –
Arizona Aquatic Gardens –
Beantown Aquatics –
Bluegrass Aquatics – –
Cichlid Express –
Cichlid Shack –
Cichlids Are Special –
Coastal Cichlids – – Added 4/27/20
Cunningham Cichlids –
Datz Cichlids & Reptiles – – Added 4/15/20
Dave’s Rare Aquarium Fish –
Dee Koshy’s African Cichlids – – Added 11/6/19
The Fish Store –
Fish To You – – Added 1/20/20
Freshwater Exotics – – Added 5/13/20
G&G Cichlids – – Added 1/20/21
Great Plains Tropicals – – Added 6/6/21
J&P Cichlids – – Added 11/6/19
Lake Tanganyika – – Added 8/25/20 –
Live Fish Direct –
Mike’s Cichlids (same as Florida Tropical Fish Direct) –
Neptune Aquatics – – Added 11/6/19
Predatory Fins – – Added 11/6/19
Quinn’s Fins –
Rare Fish USA –
Ron’s Cichlids –
Sand City Cichlids – – Added 11/6/19
Sean’s Fish – – Added 02/13/20
Snake River Cichlids – – Added 4/24/20
Something Fishy – – Added 11/28/19
Southeast Cichlids –
Staten Island Cichlids (Anthony Frank Stissi) –
Tampa Bay Cichlids –
Tangled Up in Cichlids –
Vegas Valley Cichlids –
Windy City Tropicals – – Added 11/6/19
The Cichlid Barn – – Added 4/29/20
The Wet Spot Tropical Fish –
The Wonder of Cichlids –
That Fish Place/That Pet Place –
Your Fish Store – – Added 11/6/19

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    • Hell Jorgie. Thanks for visiting. I don’t sell fish. This is a blog site. The links you see are for online sites that actually sell fish.

  1. Hi,
    As a Cichlids owner I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you put together this list of retailers for the rest of us. Is there a way to email you privately to see if you’ve dealt with the companies I have and what you experience with them might be? There’s one company in particular that have sold me some of the most beautiful fish I’ve gotten, yet I’ve had several that were sick/dying on well as others that simply didn’t last very long. It’s not about my tanks/water because I’ve noticed this specially when dealing with this dealer. I’d OVE to be wrong cause again, some of their fish have been beautiful beyond comparison. Also,
    Did you ever think about expanding this site to create a place where each retailer had a separate place for people to list reviews of their experiences with them? That would undoubtedly a HUGE help to all of us. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Brendan. I have reached out to you for a one-on-one conversation about this, so please check your e-mail.


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