OASE releases larger canister filter

OASE BioMaster 850 external canister filter (cut-away view). Image from https://store.oase-usa.com/.

For the canister enthusiasts among you, OASE North America has released a new, larger external canister filter as part of their BioMaster line. I did a review of the BioMaster Thermo 350 back in January of this year. At that time, the largest filter in the BioMaster line was the 600, rated for aquariums up to 160 gallons. OASE recently released the 850, suitable for 250 gallons. 

This is noteworthy for at least two reasons. One, it has the potential to provide competition to Hagen, who has the market cornered on external canisters large enough for big tanks. Hagen’s Fluval FX canister line (FX4 and FX6) has been around a while and, until now, was the only canisters suitable for tanks up to 150 gallons or more. Second, the BioMaster 850 also comes in the Thermo, which is the integrated heater version. That makes the 850 unique in that it can filter large tanks and, if using the Thermo version, the heater is integrated into the canister.

I think just having the potential to challenge the FX canisters or at least give large tank enthusiasts another canister option is important. Most hobbyists who run large tanks use wet/dry or sump filters, so this news won’t be useful. However, I know there are some canister die hards out there who should welcome the BioMaster 850. 

For more information on the BioMaster line of canisters, here is the site for the Thermo (integrated heater) line. If you’ve followed the BioMaster lines of canisters, you might be wondering what size heater the 850 comes with since the largest heater OASE made was the 300-watt. Well, they’ve addressed the need for a larger heater and will soon be releasing a 400-watt, which already comes with the 850 Thermo canister version. 



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