Not a member of the ACA?


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If you’re not currently a member of the ACA, consider joining. An annual membership is only $35, which is really a bargain considering what you get in return, which includes the following:

  • Registration discount at the annual ACA convention
  • A digital subscription to the Buntbarsche Bulletin for the year
  • Access to the Cichlid Room Companion for the year

​In aggregate, the value of all of the above to any cichlidophile should far exceed the membership cost. The Buntbarsche Bulletin is chock-full of articles about cichlid species. You also get access to all back issues.

The Cichlid Room Companion is probably the single most comprehensive cichlid website in existence. The sheer amount of information there is overwhelming – full species profiles including photos, numerous articles by professionals and hobbyists, a searchable bibliography (with links to many of the references), and tons of captive breeding information about specific species.

Join today and start enjoying all of the benefits!

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