No more advice!

Facebook Group image.

As a long time hobbyist, I try to help fellow fish keepers whenever possible. This includes giving advice to cichlid keepers in various groups on Facebook (FB). However, that’s going to stop today. Why? Keep reading.

I am increasingly convinced that the “noise” in FB groups has taken over. There are way too many people giving advice who clearly don’t know what they’re doing but want to be heard. For every person I give solid advice to, there are 10 people who misinform the same person. The sheer amount of misinformation simply drowns out those of us who 1) overwhelmingly give accurate information, 2) have substantial experience, or 3) both. I am not saying that some novices don’t give good information. They do, but they’re the exception. And I’m not saying that seasoned cichlid keepers don’t make mistakes. They do, but they’re the exception as well. 

Saying I am amazed at the number of people who chime in and want you to think they’re cichlid keeping savants is an understatement. The proliferation of bad information, on FB at least, has become too overwhelming and too difficult to overcome. So I’m calling it a day with providing help on FB, at least until there is some way to create a FB group where you have to be a seasoned, knowledgeable cichlid keeper to join. Perhaps finding a way to create a group where anyone can ask a question to the group but only group members can respond. This is a win/win for everyone. Newbies can have somewhere to go where they don’t have to filter misinformation, and group members don’t have to compete with people giving poor or simply inaccurate advice. 


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