New ‘Lamprologus’ caudopunctatus tank

30g Mr. Aqua rimless shellie tank. Photo by author.

A little over a year ago I picked up a 30g rimless tank (called Symbolic) by Mr. Aqua. At that time, I had intended to make it a species-only shellie tank of ‘Lamprologus’ ocellatus “gold”. I got the tank set up, cycled it with some existing media, and was off to the races. But as the saying goes, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry,” which is exactly what happened. My plan didn’t pan out for a variety of reasons.

Nonetheless, I had the tank cycled and ready to go, which is where it stayed until a few weeks ago.

If you recall my post from last month titled “A new cichlid tank, pt. 2,” I discussed an order of fish I had just received. I got some ocellatus in that order, but I changed my original plans just before ordering them. Instead of putting the ocellatus in the 30g rimless, I decided to put them in the 33g long and put a small group (5) of ‘Lamprologus’ caudopunctatus “red fin” in the 30g rimless. Once I received the order of fish, I quarantined all of them (both ‘Lamprologus‘ were QT’d in their respective tanks).

The caudopunctatus, or caudopunks as they’re often affectionately called in the hobby, are aggressive little fish like the occelatus. However, they 1) aren’t quite as pugnacious and 2) aren’t true shell dwellers like the ocellatus. Caudopunks are substrate spawners in the wild but are more opportunistic in aquariums, often gravitating towards empty shells.

Close-up of 30g rimless shellie tank with L. caudopunctatus in the center. Photo by author.

The 30g Mr. Aqua tank is a cube 24″ x 24″ x 12,’ so it’s half the length of the 33g long, which is 48″ long. For this reason, I decided to house the small group of ocellatus (6) in the 33g long. They’re more aggressive, IMO, so giving them the longer tank offers more room for subordinate fish to get away.

The set-up specs on this rimless tank are as follows:

  • Filter: Sicce Whale 500 external canister filter
  • Heater: Sicce Scuba 100w submersible heater
  • Light: Up Aqua 24″ UX-series Plant LED
  • Substrate: Mystic White II pool filter sand
  • Plants: two species of Anubias
  • Rocks: Texas holey rock and river rock
  • Shells: A variety of snail shells



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