New fish!

Yesterday, I received a shipment of cichlids from Mike’s Cichlids in Florida. I ordered the following:

Eretmodus cyanostictus x 1
Labidochromis perlmutt x2
Lamprologus tretocephalus x2
Pseudo. Elongatus Chailosi x2
Pseudo. Red Top Ndumbi x2
Telmatochromis sp. “temporalis shell” x 2

Because Mike and Jennifer generally add an extra fish in orders of multiples, I received four extra fish – one Tret, one Chailosi, one Red Top, and one temporalis.

Below are a couple of photos with a Telmat sp. “temporalis shell” and a L. tretocephalus.  Two of the Trets are in the 75g Tanganyikan tank along with all three temporalis and the goby cichlid (E. cyanosticus). The temporalis are pretty shy, at least at the moment. The goby isn’t really shy but it comes out in spurts. I’ll get a photo of it when I catch it out and about. As you can see from the tank photo below, the tank is full of rock and plants, so there are tons of places to hide.


New Telmatochromis temporalis. Photos courtesy of the author.


New Lamprologus tretocephalus. Photo courtesy of the author.


75g Tanganyikan tank. Photo courtesy of the author.

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