New fish workshop

One of the reasons for my move to a new(er) house was that I wanted more space for tanks. That wasn’t the primary reason, but…

Anyway, in my previous home I had a small walk-in guest closet where I stored all of my supplies, equipment, etc. Now I have a whole room dedicated to tank maintenance, supplies, etc. The room is roughly 12′ x 12′, which is 144 square feet. It’s actually an unfinished bathroom in the basement. Since I don’t plan to finish it in the very near future, I decided to make a fish workroom out of it.

Note the custom built workbench beside the utility sink in the bottom photo. It’s a simple bench made with 2 ‘ x 4’s and a 4’ kitchen counter top that I picked up at Lowes for $30. I needed something to set my filters on when I disassemble them for cleaning. Also, instead of doing water changes using a hallway guest bath, I can now do them with this sink. If you’ve ever snapped a plastic Python water pump off of your faucet, you’ll understand the purpose of the C-clamp on the front of the sink. It’s low-tech, but very functional. There are many things I could do to make this whole set-up better, but after buying a larger house, I can only get away with so much with the spouse.

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