New bio media

AquaLife PROpore bio media. Photo by the author.

Just a few days ago, the AquaLife company sent me a new media product to try out. Called PROpore, this new ceramic ring bio media has tremendous surface area and comes in three sizes (small, medium, large).

A stack of the small PROpore bio media next to a U.S. penny. Photo by the author.

The largest rings have 700mof surface area, which provide enormous nitrifying bacteria capacity. Incidentally, this is the same surface area Seachem states for their Matrix bio media.

Each container (all three sizes) of PROpore is packed with three reusable media bags already filled with the rings, making it very easy and efficient to load your filter. Though highly porous, the rings won’t break down over time. They also can be rinsed and reused, unlike many other types of bio media. 

AquaLife gave me a container of the small sized rings. Since I just received them, I haven’t had a chance to try them out in one of my canisters. However, a bag of the small rings will easily fit into an HOB, if you use those filters. Since I have several small tanks running HOBs, I may try them out there as well. Stay tuned for a follow-up post on that.

Small PROpore ceramic ring on top of a U.S. penny. Photo by the author.
Small PROpore ceramic ring beside a U.S. penny. Photo by the author.

If you want to try these rings yourself, you can find them online at or SevenPorts. Your local LFS may have them in stock by now also. 

Never heard of AquaLife? Check them out. I actually use several of their products and I can’t say enough about them. In fact, I have been using their water conditioner/chlorine remover, called Complete, for nearly a decade. It is highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Unlike some other popular conditioners, it is both odorless and colorless.

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