New Alto. compressiceps


Photo from Greg Miceli’s Facebook page.

It appears there is a new variant of Altolamprologus compressiceps with a nice orange color, appropriately called mandarin. Not sure who all is importing it, but it appears Greg Miceli’s Little Africa Aquatics in Louisville, KY has them.


7 thoughts on “New <em>Alto. compressiceps</em>”

  1. Hi guys,

    the information about this picture is wrong.
    I have done this picture at Tanzania, after that fish comes from Congo for export.


    • Hello Tobias. Thanks for the note. If you’ll tell me what the specific error is with the information on the picture, I will correct it. Thanks! Scott

  2. Please tell me the place where you can purchase Altolamprologus compressiceps!There is one export possible, preferably one!We are waiting for Altolamprologus compressiceps, and I also have five f1.

    • Hi Sangwoon. Thanks for the note and thanks for visiting the blog. See my post on 1/29 titled “Online cichlid retailers”. There should be several online vendors listed there that have A. compressiceps.

    • Hello Jean-Marie! Thanks for visiting the blog. I do not know the collection point. I would suggest contacting Greg directly, but it appears he’s closed Little Africa Aquatics. Sorry, but I don’t have any contact information for him.

      • Jean-Marie, I just did a quick search and it appears Mike Whitaker of Rift Valley Cichlids (Mike’s Rifts) in the UK might have had them at some point. You might contact him and ask.


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