Mysis shrimp and Piscine Energetics, Inc.

Though I’d be willing to bet you’ve never heard of Piscine Energetics, Inc. (PE), I bet you’ve heard of mysis shrimp. A Canadian company, PE produces aquarium foods based on sustainably harvested mysis shrimp. Their freshwater line consists of flake, pellet, and frozen formulations of mysis as well as a cichlid version. They also produce a line of calanus products. I have fed PE mysis pellets and flakes to my fish and they loved them.

If you want to learn more about the company and their food, see the talk recently given (virtually) by PE president Nuri Fisher for the 2020 Greater Niagra Coral Show (you may have to search the page for the talk). Their food isn’t easy to find because most LFSs don’t carry it. However, you can find it on Amazon, and PE sells it direct from their website.

I did a post about PE a few years ago. I’ve also communicated with Nuri a few times and, at one point, had him committed to an interview. However, we still haven’t gotten that completed yet. I’m still trying, though!


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