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This month’s issue of the Cichlid News contains an interesting article by Dr. Tim Hovanec about the effects of grains and gluten in a fish’s diet. Titled “Grain-free, gluten-free are important to your fishes’ health,” the article is an indictment on the large quantity of grains found in flake and pellet foods, which Dr. Hovanec says are detrimental to your cichlids’ health over the long term. He stresses that because carbohydrates are largely an unnatural part of a cichlids diet, their digestive system is ill-equipped to deal with grains, etc.

The Cichlid News is a subscription-only serial and a great resource for cichlidophiles. See my February post about the magazine. For more information about Dr. Hovanec, visit his webiste – Dr. Tim’s Aquatics.

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