Mix it up


Image from http://www.canadian-aquatic-feed.com/.

I’ve posted about this before but I’m going to mention it again. Feed your cichlids a variety of foods. I am convinced that one of the most significant factors contributing to the health and color of my cichlids is the variety of high quality foods that I provide. In nature, cichlids are opportunistic eaters, just like most fish. They feed on what is available, and that can vary. However, only provide foods that are suited to the species that you keep. Mbuna, for example, should be fed a primarily vegetable diet. 

There are myriad commercial foods for cichlids, and you can even make your own. You can feed flakes, pellets, frozen, etc. In fact, I would encourage you to try them all. Your fish will tell you what they like. 

I never feed my fish the same thing on consecutive days. In fact, you can read more about my dry feeding strategy in the previous post I mentioned earlier. The point is to mix it up. 

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