Looking to buy some new fish?

So what do you do when your LFS doesn’t have the fish you want? You can see if your store will order them for you, you can check with your friends and colleagues who also keep cichlids, you can find an online cichlid retailer, or…..check out the ACA Trading Post online.

​Hobbyists, some just like yourself, have an opportunity to sell fish via the Trading Post (TP). At any given time, you are likely to find 50 or more species listed for sale with most at very reasonable prices. However, it goes beyond that.  You can also use the TP to let other cichlidophiles know that you’re in the market by posting species that you’re looking for. No one knows better how to locate hard to find cichlids than fellow hobbyists and breeders.

I have used the Trading Post in the past to not only find some species I’ve been looking for but also to contact the seller with specific questions. Most of the sellers are also breeders, so they often can answer species specific questions that you might have.

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