Lake Tanganyika plants


Image of Ceratophyllum demersum (commonly called hornwort). Photo from

If you’re looking to set up a Lake Tanganyika biotope tank, complete with flora, your plant options may be a bit limited. The lake is home to numerous plants, however the availability of most is pretty sparse within the hobby. Below you will find a short list (in alphabetic order) of what is probably the most easily accessible plant species for your tank.

  • Ceratophyllum demersum
  • Cyperus alternifolius
  • Cyperus haspan
  • Cyperus papyrus
  • Nymphaea lotus forma
  • ​Pistia stratiotes
  • ​Riccia fluitans

I am quite sure many other species are available but finding them may prove difficult.

2 thoughts on “Lake Tanganyika plants”

  1. Hello. I am doing a biology assignment in Colorado and I was chosen to study the Ecology of Lake Tanganyika. If you could answer a few questions I have about it that would be great. First, what is the climate like there throughout the seasons? Second, what are some animals and plants that live there? Third, what is the ecosystem like?

    • Hi Gavin. Thank you for the note. Unfortunately, I’m not an expert on the lake’s weather or ecosystem. I would suggest that you find an authoritative source, perhaps using Google. I’m sure you won’t have any trouble finding the information you are looking for. Sorry I can’t help much but good luck on your assignment.


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