Plants for a Lake Tanganyikan tank

Anubias barteri v. coffeefolia. Image from

Back in 2017, I posted about aquarium plants found in Lake Tanganyika that are also sometimes found in the hobby. I made that post for those interested in emulating a Lake Tanganyika biotope.

If you have a Tang tank and simply want to keep some live plants, there are lots to choose from. Personally, I like anubias. Most varieties require little maintenance,  little light, and are hardy. Also, most Tangs won’t bother them. I have anubias in two of my shell dweller tanks now.

Whatever you choose, live plants offer a variety of other benefits. They’re attractive, they’ll eat up some nitrates, helping you keep yours in check when coupled with regular water changes, and they’ll provide good cover for fry.

If you are new to aquarium plants and want to try some, start with anubias. There are multiple varieties to choose from, they’re readily available, and they’re inexpensive.

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