Lake Tanganyika cichlid photos

Map of large lakes in east Africa. Image from

Looking for a good resource for Lake Tanganyika cichlid photos? There are several online. I posted a few months ago about The Cichlid Room Companion, which is a great resource for all cichlids. If you want something specific to Tangs, check out This is Gregor Bauer’s site, and the language is a mix of English and Slovenian. Photos themselves, thankfully, have no language. Cichlid names are in English.

As of this post, photos of the fish are found by clicking the fish photos on the top left of the landing page.  This takes you to a photo page of genera links in alphabetical order. One very nice aspect of the site is it shows locality types of many species. For example, clicking on the Julidichromis genus and then clicking on  Julidochromis transcriptus will show location variations of the species. 

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