Juveniles learn quickly

Captive young cichlids recognize early on where their food comes from. The video below shows my Telmatochromis temporalis juveniles positioning to get fed. They are in a small grow out tank.

​There are at least two interesting observations here. One is that they have already learned to associate my presence with being fed. Hence they assemble when they see me approach. The second is that they’ve learned exactly where the food enters the tank. I always place the food in the tank in the same spot (in the front right corner). Notice how they all line up facing the same direction. Because the current created by the filter output naturally moves water from left to right (as you face the front of the tank), any food that enters on the right will immediately begin to flow to the left.

Video of my Telmatochromis temporalis juveniles in grow-out tank. Video courtesy of the author.


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