Just the flakes, ma’am, just the flakes.

PicturePhoto from http://fishkeepingadvice.com/feeding/.

Trying to figure out what the best food is for your cichlids? The choices are extensive. From fresh shelled peas to frozen brine shrimp, from pellets to flakes, you should have no trouble finding the right food for what ever type of cichlids you keep. In fact, you can even make your own if you have the time and the right ingredients.For those more interested in preprepared foods sold at your lfs, there is still an abundance of options. Ever turned around that flake food container or bag of pellets and looked at the ingredients? Do you even care as long as your fish eat it? Hopefully you answered “yes” to both questions. What ingredients are okay and what aren’t? Go to Oscarfish.com and have a look at their information about fish food ingredients. In fact, they even rate the popular fish foods on the market. Stop by and see what they have to say about the food you’re feeding your cichlids.

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