Just a few fry

If you recall my post last month about moving my breeding pair of Telmatochromis temporalis to a brand new tank, that didn’t work out. Before I could get the new tank set up, I noticed some fry hanging around the domed cave when it was in the 75g. Because the pair had clearly spawned again and the female was staying in the cave, I was able to move her and most of the fry all at once to an existing 20g. Though I didn’t want to put them in a tank with substrate, I had to get them out of the 75g community tank to restore some harmony.

You can clearly see some larger fry in the video. Those are the ones that transferred with the female and the cave. The smaller ones are newborns that must have resulted from a spawn that occurred after the move.

So much for best laid plans. Nonetheless, the pair are no longer terrorizing the other inhabitants of the 75g. I can still set up the new 20g, move the pair, then grow out the fry in the tank seen in the video. Having a substrate here with all of these fry is not ideal from a tank cleaning standpoint, but it’s doable.

If you’re wondering about the two rectangular, ceramic caves (the ones with the brand stamped on them) in the video, they’re from Pleco Caves out of Indiana. These are custom made for me based on specs that I send them. I’ve posted about the company before and I encourage you to give them your business if you’re in the market for some caves.

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