It doesn’t have to be crystal clear

Underwater video of Lake Malawi (note the particulate matter in the water).
Video from

Have you ever seen video of the natural environment from which your cichlids originate? If so, how similar does the water in that environment appear compared to the water in the tank that your cichlids are in?

With what seems to be a preoccupation with crystal clear tank water, take a look at underwater videos of the lakes and rivers where cichlids reside. Sure, sometimes the water is very clear, but look closer. You’ll typically still see particulate matter and sometimes lots of it. So the question is, who are you making the tank so clear for – you, your guests, or your fish?

A crystal clear tank full of colorful fish is indeed a beautiful sight. In fact, if your objective is to have a tank full of water that you can’t see, nothing wrong with that. However, the notion that your cichlids are suffering if the tank water isn’t crystal clear is a myth.

Good, healthy aquarium water doesn’t have to look like your fish are floating in air, and a little particulate matter isn’t necessarily indicative of poor tank conditions. Little bits and particles in the water from wood, sand, mud, and plants can be perfectly normal…and the fish do just fine.

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