Interviews – yes, no, maybe

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So back in April, I posted about more interviews on the way. I try to keep several interviews in the pipeline because I’ve learned to expect that some who commit to do them actually don’t. This is unfortunate, but reality. In a perfect world, everyone who agreed to do an interview would actually follow through.

Having said that, I did have a few interviews in the pipeline when I made that post. A couple of those never materialized, but I managed to get a couple more onboard. One of those was with Dave Schumacher, owner of Dave’s Rare Aquarium Fish. I have another one coming real soon. I’m working on getting it formatted now. If you like shell dwellers, you’ll love this one!

Also, I’m working on revisiting a previous interview commitment. A couple of years ago, I had a commitment from a top cichlid researcher at a major university. We couldn’t get that one done because of his busy schedule. Well, I’m pretty persistent and I caught up with him again. He assured me he never forgot about telling me he would do the interview. We’re currently working to set up a date/time to do it. So I hope to have that one posted sometime in the next couple of months.

I just wanted to assure you, the reader, that while you may not see interviews posted frequently, I’m constantly working on getting them.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading the blog!

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