Interested in Discus?

Discus cichlids. Photo from

I must confess that I have always been intrigued by discus. They are stunningly beautiful fish. In my opinion, the two biggest knocks against them are 1) they’re notoriously difficult to keep and 2) they aren’t very active like most other cichlids. Both might be true, to some extent, but they are cichlids nonetheless and they appeal to a lot of cichlidophiles.

Because I’ve have no experience with them, I can’t really offer anything substantive about them. However, I can offer a resource that both sells them and provides lots of information about them. I don’t know anything about the site’s owner, so I can’t speak to his reputation or his fishes’ quality. The site is called Discus Guy. In an effort to find out more about the business, I reached out to the site in hopes of doing an interview with the owner. Unfortunately, I received no response. As a consolation, I will offer up an article from Practical Fishkeeping to give you something to whet your inquisitive appetite about these fish.

If you know of an expert who breeds and sells discus, drop me a line with their information and I’ll try to get an interview. I would certainly like to find out more about these fish and would love to share that with you.

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